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    Now is the time for Peace if ever there was a Time. Can’t we see the War is in you and me. All we are still saying is, Give Peace a Chance. Call me a Dreamer, I’m not alone. Sound and Sing with me the Music of the Spheres. Wherever you are!

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  • Trauma Resolution!

    Trauma Resolution Therapy and Counseling.

  • Elohim

    A Musical and Mystical Sound Healing Journey for Meditation, Yoga, and Easy Listening. 528 hertz love frequency running through entire recording. This is very calming and healing for the Mind and the Body. I have been writing and singing Sacred Chants and and practicing Harmonic singing for many years. My son Omboi recorded and produced this creating something very powerful for shifting Consciousness into Higher States of Healing and Unconditional Love. Aho, all my relations! Darrell Deer Born Hicks